There are two different filters in the appliance:

  • Hollow fiber, membrane module filter, unwoven Polypropylene, granulated charcoal
  • Silver-impregnated-charcoal, calcium sulfite, Ion Pi Ceramic Ball, Super Ceramic Ball, Zeomic
Charcoal has the beneficial quality of absorbing contaminants and removing them from water. Microorganisms bond with the charcoal filter and they cannot be removed. The filter absorbs organic substances that are harmful to our health, for example chlorine compounds, and the silver filter kills other microorganisms as well.

Fact: the antibacterial effect of silver is ten times as strong as that of chlorine!

The so-called “Flow Filter Membrane” is additionally affixed above and below the AQUABASION’s filter. Asbestos and other particulate matter is purified by this membrane. In order for enough minerals to be available for the ionization process, calcium sulfide has been added to the filter.

Barbara Rohkohl, RN & Naturopath