The Ionization of Water

The water is purified in a two filter system: one charcoal, and another charcoal filter that is impregnated with silver. After the filters, the water is led to an electrolysis chamber that is separated by a partition. Here electric current flows through plated titanium electrodes and here the water is separated into its acidic and basic elements.

In Alkaline Ionized Water the concentration of OH- ions is especially high, which means that it contains additional oxygen and free electrons. These qualities make the water more vitalizing. The water is furthermore rich in sodium, magnesium, and mineral cations.

In the Ionized Acidic Water, the concentration of H- ions is especially high. This water is rich in pesticide, chloride, and nitrate anions.

The “size of the water particles” is also changed during the separation of the water into its acidic and basic constituent parts in the electrolysis chamber: there are smaller clusters that have units of six molecules. This makes the water less viscous (it will boil faster). Alkaline Ionized Water is also easily absorbed by our bodies.

Barbara Rohkohl, RN & Naturopath