Product Details

The Product details of the AQUABASION water ionizer:

  • Manufacture licensing from KFDA 1885
  • Manufacture licensing article from KFDA 09-320
  • Rated voltage and rated frequency: AC 100-240V50/60HZ
  • Safeguard of electric shock: 2nd Degree, Type B
  • Maximum energy consumption: 150VA
  • Dimensions: 360mm(H) x 315mm (W) x 150mm (D)
  • Water pressure and temperature: 1 to 5.0 kg per cm3, 5–30 oC
  • Control and operation: one touch type
  • Water supply: Connection to water tap or cold water supply
  • Water flow rate: ca. 3 liters per minute
  • Electrolysis method: continuous electrolysis
  • Settings for electrolysis:
    • 4 settings of intensity of Alkaline Ionized Water
    • 4 settings for intensity of Ionized Acidic Water
  • 3 choices for the qualities of your local water supply (hard/soft)
  • Purification system: fully automatic
  • Electrode material: platinum-plated titanium
  • Filter:
    • Hollow fiber, membrane filter, unwoven Polypropylene, granulated charcoal
    • Functional filter: Silver-impregnated-charcoal, Ion Pi Ceramic Ball, Super Ceramic Ball, Zeomic
  • Filter replacement: Cartridge, easy replacement with a snap fit
  • Graphic indicators, FND display: Ionization stage, water flow rate/consumption, filter change
  • Filter service life:
    • Filter 1 (Hollow fiber, membrane module filter): ca. 6 months (2400 liters)
    • Filter 2 (Functional filter): ca. 12 months (4800 liters)
  • Protection against overheating: Built-in fuse
Barbara Rohkohl, RN & Naturopath