Redox Potential

Redox potential has to do with the acquisition and emission of electrons (red = reduction, ox = oxidation). Gaining electrons saves energy while losing electrons releases energy. Energy is vitally important.

The reduction potential of a fluid is not a made-up statistic; it can be exactly measured and scientifically documented. It can be determined, then, to what extent electrons will be released to their surroundings. The stronger the reduction potential, the more electrons that can be released to neutralize the free radicals.

Every day we supply our bodies with energy from food and drink. It is important that we provide our bodies with nourishment that has a natural and intact redox system. Fruits and vegetables, for example, have a high density of these micronutrients.

Alkaline Ionized Water has an even stronger redox potential than the micronutrients in food. In other words, Alkaline Ionized Water protects your cells from the attacks of free radicals.

What would be better than drinking Alkaline Ionized Water with its strong redox potential every day and easily protecting yourself with ideal antioxidants?

Drink Alkaline Ionized Water every day!

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Barbara Rohkohl, RN & Naturopath