Our Firm’s Philosophy

AQUABASION convinces your partners and customers with an innovative, quality, premium product
Aquabasion GLL09 – Water ionizer
The fountain of youth for your health, vitality, lifestyle.

After long and exhaustive research and discussion, we chose three excellent manufacturers for our short list and from them we finally selected the best. Our manufacturer is successful in the medical as well as the industrial fields and won us over with its references and awards.

During our extensive experience in optimizing health, a variety of products with different marketing concepts were presented.
There are certain values that are very important to us as a result of the lessons of these experiences:

  • the partnerships within our enterprise and with our customers
  • the transparency of our work and our products
  • the loyalty to our customers and to our partners
  • the success of our enterprise, our partners, and the improvement in the health of our clients
  • staying true to ourselves, to our enterprise, to our partners, and to our clients
  • the competency of our undertaking
  • the profitability of our business

Our goal is to support our partners worldwide. We would like to give them the chance to be financially independent and successful within society.

Barbara Rohkohl, RN & Naturopath